My favorite things on earth are love, fashion, flowers, sunshine, family, humor, music, architecture, and food—these are the components that make a wedding day. I make art documentaries about love. I will not direct you, and I will not apply a filter over your footage so it looks like a basic wedding video. Every couple and every occasion is given their own special light and feel. I am obsessed with capturing your event in the realist way possible, meanwhile creating a piece of art you will cherish forever. I fixate on expressions, color, texture, light, and composition. I am driven by each moment on your wedding day and will film every single thing I see with intention. I truly love your love and will do everything possible to capture this highly thought-out day with beauty and authenticity. Inquire here.

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Growing up in the 80s and 90s meant hundreds of hours of home movies shot on VHS. Many of us are lucky enough to have video evidence of our childhood. These days we take tons of little videos of our own families on smart phones but never really dedicate the energy to mark the time with a family film. In your home or a place of your choosing, I won’t direct you or your children; I’ll simply film a couple of seemingly regular hours of your family life to create a lifelong treasure encapsulated in time, edited to the music of your choosing that represents family life right now. Inquire here.

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